Financial and Insurance Services

For Women....

and the Men who love them

Take a deep breath... With These Financial And Insurance Services, We've got you covered



Keeping your professional and community life covered.


My Home Business Cover

Looking After Your Home Based Business


My Personal Travel Cover

Protecting you and your family when you travel


My Death, Accident & Sickness Cover

When bad things happen - we’ve got you covered


My Professional Advice & Services Cover

Keeping Your Professional Life And Your Company Protected


My Computer & Data Protection Cover

Keeping your information safe


My 365 Roadside Assistance Plan

When You’re Out On The Road - We’ve Got You Covered


My Company Directors & Officers Cover

Keeping your company and it's directors covered


My Commercial Legal Expenses Cover

Your company’s legal expenses covered


My Partnership Protection Cover

Protecting your partnerships


My Telephone Legal Advice Plan

When you just need to speak to a lawyer about your business



My social safety app that keeps me connected with my wolfpack


My Premium Card

Dedicated card that pays all my insurance


My Family Daycare Educator Cover

Supporting educators in maintaining quality of cover


My Findemnity Cover - FinTech, InsurTech And RegTech

Protecting You And Your FinTech, InsurTech And RegTech


My Findemnity Cover - Small Business

Protecting You and Your Small Business


My Nanny, Babysitter & AuPair Cover

Nanny, babysitter and au pair cover

Coming Soon


My Micro Insurance For Financially Disadvantaged Women

Assistance for the Women who need it most

Coming Soon

My Financial Life Planning

We all have dreams and hopes of what our future will look like - But it takes planning to make sure your financial future can meet your hopes and aspirations.

Imalia has partnered with Thirdview to offer Financial Planning for the whole of your life. Imalia and Thirdview will be with you every step of the way.


My Financial Life Planning

Protecting Your Financial Future

The information on this website does not take into account your personal financial situation, needs or objectives. Therefore, before you decide to buy a product arranged by Imalia or keep a similar product you already hold, it is important that you consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement to make sure that the product is appropriate for you.


Imalia is a group of women who are changing the way we create, manage, consume and experience financial services and insurance products. We’re a social-minded business, set up to provide financial and insurance services, support and advice to women… and the men who love women...

Even though our focus is on women, we don’t exclude anyone from our community. Men are as welcome as women, young and old, straight or gay, married or single. The only thing we ask of you is open-mindedness, kindness and an unwavering belief that anything is possible when we decide to work together.


We use life’s everyday challenges and opportunities as a lens through which to create our offerings.

Our goal is to connect you with the products you need around the life that you lead.

We have designed them to be accessible and easily understood - to help streamline your life, ease your stress and reflect your changing needs. We want you to take a deep breath knowing that we’ve got you covered.

Imalia is changing the way financial and insurance services are developed, delivered and packaged.

Our current offerings are just the beginning.


We’re a company created by women for women, with a range of products and services that are relevant for women at different stages in their lives and careers. We’re inspired by women who are taking control of their lives to enjoy more financial independence and…. we want to inspire the women who aren’t there yet…. 

We believe that society needs to change, at every layer, to redress the imbalance that has been allowed to develop between men and women.

Financial independence for women is a critically important foundation for equality.

We believe that by working together we’ll achieve change faster, and make the effects of this change last longer and be experienced by more people.


Imalia was born from a desire to create a new way forward for all women. We believe that our society needs to change, at every layer, to redress imbalances that have been allowed to develop between men and women. Financial independence is one way to address that imbalance.

When Carole-Anne Priest met Helen Wiseman at a Sydney Community Foundation BBQ in 2010, Imalia took shape.

"I want to start a revolution” stated Carole-Anne, out of the blue. Startled at such a big audacious dream, Helen immediately leaned in and said quietly, "So tell me more."

The revolution is about transforming the financial services sector in how it responds to women. We all buy a range of insurance products, and we all have superannuation, bank accounts, debit and credit cards, loans and or mortgages. And yet for many women they will not have enough superannuation to see them into retirement. For many women, their financial challenges prevent them moving forward from disempowering relationships. What if we created a new kind of financial services company?- a company that is run by women for women, with a clear social agenda. One that entertains the possibility of doing things differently and gives women a voice and a way to be heard. 


Our name 'Imalia' is inspired by the Native American Indian word 'imala' meaning discipline/strength.  

The Imalia tree and the wolf are our symbols of strength.

Our tree symbolises strength in its roots and trunk; interconnectedness in its branches; protection through its canopy; and rebirth in the new season and its life stages.

Our Wolfpack symbolises belonging, co operation, and cohesion.

Imalia is about individual and collective security.

Our brand reflects our ideals of strength, responsibility and care on a personal and a global level. Imalia is about enriching the lives of all women – we believe this is essential if we’re going to live in an equal society that has equal rights for all people.


In the power of kindness. 

We believe in the power of love.

We believe that compassion is the foundation for how we treat all beings.

We believe there is beauty to be found in everything on this earth.


That everyone matters. 

We believe in judging no-one.

We believe in protecting each other.

We believe it is every human’s right to be treated equally and with gentleness.


In the power of each individual to make a difference.

We believe that groups of people can change the world.

We believe in the circle of giving and helping others.

We believe that fun and laughter make the world a nicer place.

We believe in the power of dreaming big.


What do you believe...?

Here, we recognise and celebrate the beauty, power and intrinsic value of women.

Imalia is for women and… it is also for the men who love and respect women.

Imalia is for the woman who has reached the heights of her career, it’s for the woman who is moving up life's ladder with confidence (and a little bit of fear), it’s for the woman who has decided she is going to put her great ideas to the world and start her own business, and it’s for the woman who doesn’t know where to start, what to do or how to protect herself or her family.

The Imalia women are all of us.


Our aim is to provide a completely new approach to financial services that leverages itself on what women want and what women need from a financial and insurance services perspective.

We want to engage Australian women in a way no other financial services company has done before.

We offer women a different client experience.

A new way to engage with money and insurance that capitalises on the values of connectedness, people and community, building the financial security of women both individually and collectively.

We truly believe that when a woman empowers herself, she empowers others around her.