My Personal Director's Cover

Keeping Your Professional And Community Board Life Covered


My Personal Director's Cover (Passport D&O) is a policy for individuals designed to protect your professional and financial wellbeing in your capacity as a company Director or an Officer.

Directors & Officers face the real threat of incurring significant personal financial liability as a result of their actions in the work arena. Imalia, with Lloyd's Underwriters, has developed Passport D&O to sit as a secondary policy to the corporate Directors’ and Officers’ policies purchased by corporations. We offer two options for the limit of indemnity under this policy:

  • $250,000

  • $500,000

You can increase your level of indemnity at anytime throughout the year.

My Personal Director's Cover (Passport D&O) is activated when the insurer of a Company (where you hold a Board Position) refuses to pay or is unable to pay under the Company’s Directors‘ & Officers‘ or Management Liability Policy, or the Company refuses or is financially unable to indemnify you.

Passport D&O provides you with peace of mind knowing you have consistent cover for all your Board Positions, and additional cover following your retirement from any Board Position. 


My Personal DIrector's Cover (Passport D&O) Offers You The Following Policy Benefits

$250,000 or $500,000 Aggregate Limit of Indemnity inclusive of defence costs.

NIL Excess applies.

Personal Policy Covering ALL past, present and future Board Positions.

Automatic coverage for any Board Position except for Board Positions held on an Exchange Traded Entity.

Acts as a ‘Difference in Conditions’ / ’Difference in Limits’ Policy & can potentially drop down to act as a Primary Policy.

No Insolvency Exclusion applies.

No Major Shareholder Exclusion applies.

Inquiry Costs Extension for full Policy Limit of Indemnity – no Wrongful Act allegation is required.

Fines & Penalties Coverage (to the extent permitted by law) for full Policy Limit of Indemnity.

Pollution Defence Costs for full Policy Limit of Indemnity.

OH&S Defence Costs for full Policy Limit of Indemnity.

Defence Costs are advanced in the event of allegations of dishonesty – until such dishonest behaviour is established by admission or by final and non-appealable adjudication.

Coverage for Employment Wrongful Acts.

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